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Saline vs Silicone gel filled implants; part #2

Posted by Laurence Weider on November 21, 2012

During this installment, I will discuss the advantages of silicone gel filled implants in comparison to saline filled implants. Certainly the greatest advantage of the silicone gel filled implants is that they feel more natural and in some cases look more natural than saline implants. This is because the cohesive gel fill material more closely mimics the feel of breast tissue. Cohesive means that the fill material is viscous. It is more like a gel than a liquid. While the cohesiveness of the silicone filler helps to provide a more natural feel, the significance of the fill material varies greatly from patient to patient. Slender women who have minimal breast tissue will notice the most benefit from silicone gel filled implants.

In general, the incision size is a little greater for silicone gel implants. This is because the silicone gel implants are pre-filled and must be inserted while inflated. However, I use a device called the Keller Funnel when inserting silicone gel filled implants. The Keller Funnel facilitates the insertion of the implants quickly, and without trauma. The Keller Funnel also allows for insertion of gel filled implants with very little touching of the implant by the surgeon. This cuts down the risk of contamination or infection of the implant. With the use of the Keller funnel, I can use the same small incision to insert a silicone gel filled implant that I use to place a saline filled implant, except when inserting very large implants.

While silicone gel implants do cost more than saline filled implants, they come with an upgraded warranty against leakage. Should a silicone gel filled implant leak, the manufacturer will provide a pair of new implants. That way, a patient can opt to change the size of both implants if she desires.

During your consultation, my assistant and I will review the unique benefits of each implant type for you. In addition, you will be able to examine both implant types. My staff and I will assist you in determining which implant will be best for you. Please give my office a call at (972) 566-8444 to set up your plastic surgery consultation.
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