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Neck Lift

Signs of aging like sagging and volume loss aren’t limited to the face. Many patients also experience loose skin under the chin and along the neckline that affects their face and neck contour. With a neck lift, Dr. Weider can tighten this area to help you achieve a more youthful jaw, chin, and neck contour.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that can address loose skin and tissue under the chin and in the neck area. The neck lift might be performed alone but is commonly used in combination with the facelift for full-facial rejuvenation. During a neck lift consultation in Dallas, TX, Dr. Weider will discuss the neck lift in more detail to determine if the procedure is right for you.

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Who can Benefit from a Neck Lift?

Both men and women can benefit from the neck lift to achieve a younger appearance. The neck lift requires surgery and some downtime to recover properly. With the neck lift procedure, Dr. Weider can improve visible signs of aging by:

  • Removing hanging tissue along the jawline
  • Tightening loose skin under the chin to address a “turkey neck” or double chin appearance
  • Softening visible neckbands
  • Removing small amounts of excess fatty tissue under the chin

The neck lift can effectively address loose skin and tissue, but will not remove large amounts of fat from under the chin. If stubborn fat is causing your poor jaw and neck contour, Dr. Weider might recommend liposuction techniques for under the chin.

The Neck Lift Surgery

Dr. Weider performs the neck lift procedure with the use of general anesthesia for your comfort. Incisions will then be made, beginning within the hairline above the ear, extending around the back of the ear and ending in the posterior hair. This will ensure that any scaring is well-concealed by the hairline. For a limited incision neck lift, a smaller incision can be used around the ears only. The incisions needed will depend on the severity of your signs of aging. Once the appropriate incision is made, Dr. Weider will tighten and reposition the neck tissue, redraping the skin and removing any excess. If liposuction techniques are needed under the chin, a small incision will then be made in this area where a cannula can be inserted to remove stubborn fat.

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Aftercare for Neck Lift

After a neck lift procedure, Dr. Weider will instruct patients to wear a compression garment to assist in the healing process. Patients should plan for 1-2 weeks off work to properly rest and recover at home. Dr. Weider will provide you with all the necessary post-op instructions. You can expect some swelling, bruising, and general discomfort in the treatment area. This can be managed with prescription pain medication, but the use of an ice pack should be avoided, as this could restrict blood flow to the healing skin. Tightness in the neck can be expected during the healing process, but this will gradually diminish. Once the initial swelling resolves, you can enjoy a slim neck and contoured chin and jawline. While the results of a neck lift can last for many years, your body will continue to age naturally.

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