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Breast Reconstruction

After breast cancer and a mastectomy, women can choose to have breast. Dr. Weider offers many different breast reconstruction techniques to women in the Dallas, TX area.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is frequently performed after a mastectomy to restore a woman’s appearance and body image. There are many different techniques available to patients, depending on their body types and goals for the procedure. Each technique will aim to restore the breast mound, creating symmetrical, natural-looking breasts.

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Who can Benefit from Breast Reconstruction?

Women who have undergone a mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis can benefit from breast reconstruction to restore the appearance of the breast. Women can opt for the procedure at the same time as the mastectomy, or later in life. Those with enough remaining breast tissue may be candidates for breast reconstruction with implants, while those with not enough tissue remaining to cover an implant may restore their breast with a tissue transfer.

Breast Reconstruction Techniques

The breast reconstruction technique that is best for you will depend on many factors that will be reviewed during a consultation with Dr. Weider. In some cases, a combination of techniques may be beneficial. Dr. Weider will discuss the following options:

Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Transfer

Many women who undergo a mastectomy will have most or all of the breast tissue removed. Some of these patients will have limited residual skin. In these cases, an implant may not be the best option. Dr. Weider may recommend a tissue transfer, where tissue, fat, and sometimes muscle can be taken from another area of the body and used to reconstruct the breast mound. The blood supply is kept intact during the transfer.

Breast Reconstruction with Implants

For those with enough remaining tissue, breast implants are an effective option. Most patients will still require a tissue expander to create enough room for the implant to be placed. This will be a gradual process as the expander is filled over many months, safely stretching the skin until enough room is made. The expander will then be removed and the implant will be placed into the breast pocket.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Typically, reconstruction of the breast is done in conjunction with a general surgeon who will perform the mastectomy. There are a variety of techniques available to achieve a natural and pleasing result. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Weider will review these with you at the time of your initial consultation. He will help you chose the reconstructive method that is most suitable for you. The techniques used for breast reconstruction often include the use of your own tissue as well as tissue expanders and Breast Implants. Most breast reconstruction is performed in a hospital setting under general anesthesia. Some techniques can be performed as an outpatient while others necessitate a short inpatient stay. You will know ahead of time what to expect in terms of recovery time and any additional surgery that may be anticipated.

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Aftercare for Breast Reconstruction

Your recovery after breast reconstruction will vary greatly depending on the techniques and type of reconstruction used. If you underwent breast reconstruction with a tissue transfer, both the breast and the donor site will need time to heal. No matter what technique is used, it is important to follow all of Dr. Weider’s instructions and restrictions carefully to ensure proper healing. Your recovery process will be reviewed in more detail during your consultation in Dallas, TX.

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