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Arm Lift

The upper arms are a common area of complaint, being difficult to tone with diet and exercise alone. With an arm lift, excess skin and hanging tissue can be addressed to achieve toned upper arms.

What is an Arm Lift?

Frequently seen after weight loss or as part of the aging process, excess skin of the upper arm can be treated with a brachioplasty (arm lift). A brachioplasty, or arm lift, is a surgical procedure that removes this excess skin improving the shape of the arm. The arm lift can be performed alone, or combined with other body contouring procedures for optimal results.

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Who can Benefit from an Arm?

An arm lift can benefit you if you experience loose, hanging skin in the upper arms known as “bat wings.” Procedures like an arm lift are especially helpful to those who have undergone a dramatic weight loss and have experienced stretched out skin that is impossible to remove without surgical help. The procedure addresses loose skin and tissue and can involve liposuction techniques if stubborn fat is present.

Arm Lift Surgery

Dr. Weider performs a traditional arm lift, which involves an incision from the axilla (armpit) to the elbow, as well as a short scar technique in which the incision is limited to the armpit area. Using these incisions, the excess skin and underlying fatty tissues can be removed and tightened. If stubborn fat is present, tiny incisions can be made in the area and a cannula can be inserted to break up and remove fat cells. Arm lifts are typically performed under general anesthesia and are sometimes done in conjunction with additional procedures.

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Aftercare for Arm Lift

After surgery, Dr. Weider will fit you with a compression garment that will help to shape the arm and remove swelling. Most patients are asked to wear these compression sleeves for three to four weeks. Typically, seven to ten days are needed for initial recovery, and resumption of all activities takes about a month. Once swelling has diminished, you can enjoy your improved arm contour that is long-lasting, as long as your healthy weight is maintained.

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