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Buttocks Enhancement

Would you like a fuller, more shapely buttocks? A buttocks enhancement with a Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own fat removed via liposuction to enhance the shape and size of your bottom. Implants are not necessary, and this technique has the added benefit of liposuction to unwanted fatty deposits.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a buttocks enhancement procedure that uses your own fat to increase the size of your bottom. This is essentially a fat graft, with fat cells reestablishing their blood supply in a new location for long-lasting results. The Brazilian butt lift offers an alternative to surgical implant placement, delivering more natural-looking results.

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Who can Benefit from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you are in good health and have adequate fullness in other areas for liposuction, then you are likely an ideal candidate for buttocks augmentation. Those in the Dallas, TX area can benefit from the Brazilian butt lift to increase the size, projection, and symmetry of their buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift allows you to experience the slimming benefits of liposuction to one area of the body, while using those fat cells to enhance your backside. This is an effective alternative to buttocks augmentation with implants, which requires a larger incision and the placement of foreign material. To be a successful candidate, you must have sufficient fat in another area of the body like the thighs or abdomen.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

A Brazilian butt lift procedure takes from two to five hours depending on the amount of liposuction performed and the amount of fat to be injected. The most common areas to harvest fat for transfer include the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, “love handles” and lower back. The fat is then purified and reinjected into the buttocks using very small, inconspicuous incisions. Several injections will be made along the buttocks to ensure even distribution and natural-looking results. The combination of liposuction and fat injection provide a dramatic improvement in the shape and appearance of the entire area.

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Aftercare for Brazilian Butt Lift

Typically, the initial recovery period lasts two to three weeks. During this time you will be asked to avoid sitting and sleeping on your buttocks. It is very important to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks during your initial recovery, as this could compromise the blood supply of the newly placed fat cells. While some fat cells will die, you can optimize the number of fat cells that survive by following your post-op care instructions carefully. After the first few weeks, you can gradually resume your usual activities.

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