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Posted by Laurence Weider on November 14, 2014

The popularity of breast lifts has soared in the U.S. since the year 2000, according to statistics released earlier this year by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

According to the figures, the number of breast lift procedures — called a mastopexy — grew by 70 percent since 2000, nearly twice the rate of breast implant surgeries. More than 90,000 breast lifts were performed by ASPS member surgeons in 2013, with women between the ages of 30-54 making up almost 70 percent of the patients, according to the report.

But, breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. for women: More than 290,000 breast implant procedures were performed by ASPS surgeons in 2013, a growth of 37 percent since 2000. The five most common plastic surgery procedures last year were breast augmentation, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction and facelifts.

Pregnancy and breast feeding, weight gain / weight loss, genetics and merely getting older can all affect skin elasticity and lead to sagging breasts. “Many women are looking for a youthful breast by using the tissue they already have,” said ASPS President Dr. Robert X. Murphy Jr. “The ideal candidate for a breast lift is a woman who has a good amount of breast tissue left, who doesn’t necessarily want to have implants. Many women aren’t sure if they are a candidate for this type of surgery, but a simple pencil test can tell them if they are.”

The pencil test involves placing a pencil under the breast: “If the breast tissue holds the pencil in place against the chest, that implies that there’s a hanging nature to the breast that can be fixed with a lift,” Murphy explained.

Breast lift surgery restores firmness by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to raise the breasts, using only the patient’s natural tissue or adding breast implants. At Weider Plastic Surgery, we offer three types of breast augmentation with lift in Dallas, Texas: Benelli lift, vertical lift (mastopexy) and an inverted “T” lift. Dr. Weider will determine the best option for your body during your consultation.

With 19 years of experience in breast surgery, Dr. Weider is skilled in reducing the appearance of scars following surgery. View his excellent work in our breast lift before-and-after photo gallery.

To learn more or to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Weider, contact Weider Plastic Surgery online or by phone at 972.566.8444.

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Dr. Weider, a native of Southern California, is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who has maintained a private practice in Dallas, TX since 1999. After attending Stanford University, he obtained his medical degree (M.D.) from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He then completed a one year surgical internship in Los Angeles at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, followed by a four year general surgery residency in Dallas at Methodist Medical Center, and a two year plastic surgery fellowship in Cleveland at Case Western Reserve University.

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